Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quality science headlines

Spotted this week:

"Asian 'unicorn' found in Laos"

What immediately strikes me from the accompanying picture is the fact that the creature has not one, but two horns. I guess that rules out the whole "unicorn" thing.

3 Responses to “Quality science headlines”

Yes, I love their use of "quotation marks". A bit of a stretch tying the "rareness" of the unicorn to the rareness of this creature. They might as well have called it an "Asian Giant Squid". At least there are actually giant squid.

Nina said...

LOL, I too thought that was ridiculous. It was obviously used as an attention getter to get more people to view the story. Pretty pathetic.

@ Michael: I too love the quotation marks. And I think your squid suggestion is way better. :)

@ Nina: Yes, a not-so-subtle marketing scheme. Too bad for everyone who is just going to read the headline and assume that unicorns are real.

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