Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's my blogiversary!

Scientific Chick is one year old today!

I prefer cookies to cake, so I give you the best science cookies I could find:

Thanks for reading!

7 Responses to “It's my blogiversary!”

Fawn said...

Congrats, Scientific Chick! Here's to many more to come! :D

Clare said...

Happy Blogoversary Scientific Chick. Congratulations and I look forward to more years of reading your great stuff.

Happy Blogoversary! (I don't recommend eating the one with the X where his eye should be)

Madeleine said...

Bravo Julie,
C'est toujours très agréable à lire même si on ne réagit pas toujours.
On te fait quand même une pub chaque fois qu'on a l'opportunité.

Ruby said...

Congratulations, Julie!

We really enjoy reading your posts. They are always interesting, educational and entertaining.

Keep up the great work!

Ruby & Bill

Merci pour ton commentaire, Maman!

Ruby, I'm glad you like the blog, thanks for the comment!

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